Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Head (Gum Care) راسية فرشاة اسنان عناية باللثة

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  • Fine Soft Bristles Care for Sensitive Gums: Double-tipped slender, soft-wrapped UV sterilization brush head, ensure your oral health, snap-in design for easy installation
  • Micro Diameter, More Delicate: The sensitive type Mijia electric toothbrush head is composed of imported double-tipped soft bristles. The tip diameter is as small as 0.01mm, which can penetrate deep into the teeth, reduces irritation to the gums, users with gingivitis, with corrective braces, and with overdone teeth can use it with confidence
  • Food Contact Grade Material, UV Sterilization Vacuum Packaging: Passed food contact grade material inspection, in addition, each brush head is subjected to UV sterilization and vacuum packaging, to ensure that the brush head is safe and hygienic
  • Environmentally Friendly Soft Rubber Brush Head, Tenderly Care for Sensitive Teeth: Environmentally safe soft rubber wrapped in multiple directions, comfortable to touch, can reduce the impact of toothbrush during use oral discomfort, gentle care of sensitive teeth
  • Suitable for Xiaomi mijia sonic electric toothbrush T300 and mijia sonic electric toothbrush T500, with Mijia sonic electric toothbrush T500, you can check the remaining days of the brush head through the APP, this package just includes 3 pieces of toothbrush head

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